b'G N I R U S A E M SHIRT MEASUREMENT GUIDE COAT AND PANT MEASUREMENT GUIDENECK: Place tape around neck at the levelCHEST MEASUREMENT: Ask the gentlemenHIPMEASUREMENT:Placetapearound wheretheshirtcollarwouldbutton.Withbeing measured to raise his arms outward tothe broadest part of the customers hip. Make two fingers under the tape (index and middlethe side while you place the measuring tapesurethetapeissnugandoverthewidest fingers together) determine neck size. Takeunder his arms, over the back shoulder blades,part of the backside. Refer to trouser chart mental note of the measurement. Do not pulland over the broadest part of the chest. Theon next page for maximum hip per waist.the tape too tight and be sure the customergentlemen may then relax his arms while you is comfortable. hold the tape snug with two fingers under the tape. SHIRT SLEEVE LENGTH: Starting the tape just below the back of the neck at the centerOVERARMMEASUREMENT:Askthe of the spine, place the tape over the shouldergentlemen to keep his arms down at his side andthendownthearmovertheelbowtowhile you place the measuring tape exactly apointofapproximately1pastthewristin the same place as the chest measurement bone.Alwaysmeasurelongerratherthanyou just took, but include the arms in this short, since the sleeve button and/or cuff linkmeasurement. OUTSEAM MEASURING: With the customer will prevent the sleeve from being too long.standing straight, looking forward and legs Remember, our shirts end on the odd lengthslightly apart, place the start of the tape at only. thesideofthewaistlevelwiththenavel. Straighten the tape down the outside of the leg until you reach the bottom of the outside anklebone.Thisisthecorrectoutseam measurementtorecord.Ifthecustomeris wearing a dress shoe, measure to the floor and deduct 1 1/2.WAISTMEASUREMENT:Placethetape aroundthegentlemenswaistjustbelow the navel. This is the height at which formal trousers are worn. Make sure tape is snug and ask customer if this is comfortable for him. Asking the customer what trouser size he wears may confirm the waist size for you (unless the customer usually wears the waist very low). 156 MEASUREMENTS'