b'55 Allure StripeSERIES Sophisticated stripe bow ties and coordinating pin tuck pleated cummerbunds along with matching stripe pocket squares. Elegant pin tuck long ties with plaid suspenders. A perfect match for our extensive Allure Men Tuxedo collection.WHITEWHITE 55WHTB - BOW TIE55WHT - CUMMERBUND 55WHTP - POCKET SQUARE55WHTL - LONG TIECAFECAFE 55CAFEB - BOW TIE55CAFE - CUMMERBUND 55CAFEP - POCKET SQUARE55CAFEL - LONG TIETANTAN 55TANB - BOW TIE55TAN - CUMMERBUND 55TANP - POCKET SQUARE55TANL - LONG TIE138 CUMMERBUNDS & TIES'