b'Rental Size ScaleRegular 34 to 60Short 34 to 58See page 6 for details. Long 36 to 60No Boys - Evens Only165CHARCOAL CHASELuxury CharcoalPaisley PeakOne Button 29Sophisticated charcoal paisley fabric with a subtle luster. Trim fit featuring a black solid satin peak lapel and self top collar. One button front, side vented with double besom pockets.Shown:Contrasting black trousers.Black trim fit microfiber shirt with satin cummerbund and bow tie.Swatch#: 38As pictured:Jacket165TrousersBLKSShirt137BLKCummerbund23BLK Tie23BLKBMatching wool vest, Solid satin cummerbund & ties available 158V158C158B158L MATCHING SKINNY ULTRA STRETCH158M BLKS BLSTR$70 LUXURY FABRICS'