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issue was resolved suit was great.

October 3, 2017

i picked up my sons suit on a Thursday as we were leaving for an out of town wedding . We were scheduled to leave on Friday morning. I was in the area so I picked it up late Thursday. When my son got home from school I had him try it on and he was measured incorrectly for the pants length. I called store and brought suit down with son in tow thinking I would get new pants right then, however I had to return the next morning for replacement pants. Although the store was opened early for us to be able to pick up new pants I feel I should of been offered at least a discount for the trouble as I had to make extra trips to get issue resolved. I thought since the warehouse was right there I would of been able to get replacement pants immediately upon my return to the store. Once issue was resolved suit was great. It fit him perfect and this is my second time of rental in a 5 month period and yes I would certainly be back again if need be.