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I thought the service, the fitting, and the options were “so-so”

September 7, 2023

. Admittedly a total layman but you sent me the survey and asked for my feedback – so I’m giving you an honest opinion.

It was supposed to be fitted, not hemmed to fit what’s on the rack in stock. I wasn’t able to get a comfortable fit in the shoulders. It was explained, “That’s the way they are”. The options were to go up one size and have a vest / jacket that bulges out or stay with the smaller jacket and be reminded that’s the way they are supposed to fit. I explained the pants were too big are too big in the waste, and told you can get a smaller size but they’ll probably be tight on your legs.

I tipped the young lady but was pretty put off by asking for a tip after 5 minutes of a one-on-one “fitting”.