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As you can see in the picture they complement each other beautifully.

May 14, 2018

When we first walked in young lady (new employee) greeted us and asked my son to fill out his information card. Within few minutes another woman came over and completely took over the order while the other girl looked on.

He explained what color & suit he was looking to rent. She asked what color his date was wearing and when we told her blue she didn’t recommend him wearing blue (it would clash and one would wash out they other). She tried pushing him into a beige/tan suit to complement the gold in the dress. She kept pushing the color until she was firmly told “no that is not what the color I want”, than she gave a little attitude.

The only reason I’m giving 3 star rating is for the gentleman that took the measurements. He was polite, quick and gave good recommendation on shirt and bow tie color.

Return was easy