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Planning a Wedding to Lead to a Lifetime of Love

A newlywed couple walking in the breeze

Victoria and Dan’s Wedding
Photographer: Dearly Beloved Weddings
Groom Style: Bruno Magli 220 Antonio

Flashback to Fall!

If you’re looking for some inspiration on what to do for a wedding in the fall, or a time when it’s not so hot outside, this post is for you! As seen below, Victoria and Dan opted to use many fall colors in their wedding pallet, such as deeper tones of red, yellow, and green. Of course, they still made use of their surroundings, as they decided to have their official ceremony take place outdoors with a picturesque lake view. Naturally, we can’t overlook the gorgeous shots of the happy couple seeing each other for the first time as they embark on an adventure of love, and a journey to begin their new life together. Take a look for yourselves so you can capture the magnitude of how graceful these two look! If you’re planning a wedding for later this year, you might be able to get some tips from these two!

A picture of bridesmaids on a wedding day

A detail shot showing the bride's dress

A detail shot of wedding invitations

A detail shot of bouquet florals

A bride posing with her bridesmaids

A groom posing with his groomsmen

A wedding party cheering on a couple as they kiss

A picture of a newlywed couple holding each other in their arms

a newlywed couple posing gracefully in the sun

a couple wearing wedding attire smiling staring at each other

A newlywed couple posing and holding one another

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A newlywed couple kissing at the altar

A newlywed couple walking down the aisle

A family gathers for a picture with the bride and groom

A detail shot of a newlywed couple's last name spelled out in neon

A detail shot of florals and jars on a wedding table

A detail shot of cupcakes

A detail shot of a cake

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