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Finding Coziness Amongst the Snow

in January 22, 2024

A picture of a couple wearing formalwear sitting in a well decorated table

Cozy & Modern Winter Wedding Style Shoot
Credit: Alaina Elizabeth Photography
Venue: The Silo at The Farmhouse
Groom Style: Ike Behar 170 Jackson
Bride Style:
White House Bridal

During those cold winter months, love can be the thing that warms you up the most!

This style shoot is such a great example of finding that cozy and warm vibe while the snow rages on outside. From the exposed brick background to the color-coordinated candles and florals, this shoot portrays a style that distracts from the cold and ignites a burning passion in the hearts of this present. Of course, when we move to the white backgrounds of clean and modern elegance, we’re taken away to a warmer place that seems clean and cozy! The light-toned wood and the colorful florals help shine pops of color into what would otherwise be blankets of white snow that can be seen. When stepping out into this winter wonderland, don’t let that cozy vibe end! As seen below, dawn a matching faux-fur shawl to keep warm for those picturesque moments! Above all, just because winter might seem to cool things down, the power of love can heat them right back up!

A couple wearing formalwear sitting at a well decorated table full of florals and candles

A couple wearing formalwear posing outside smiling paired with a detail shot of a wedding invitation

Detail shots of formal wedding invitations

Schedule an appointmentShots of a couple wearing formalwear posing in front of a white and wood table

Shots of a bride posing gracefully showing off her flowing wedding dress

Shots of a bride standing in front of florals and a paned window

Detail shots of a bride and groom's florals, showcasing the pinks reds and blues the wedding is themed around

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