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Men's suits are gaining more popularity over Tuxedos and Formal Wear. Here's why!

By selecting a more traditional “tuxedo" you are eliminating your ability to personalize your look.  Renting or buying a suit will help add a unique touch to any event!

Other reasons men are leaning towards suits can arguably be the following:

1) They can be purchased as well as rented.
2) They offer more styles.
3) They can use them for another day.
4) They can be more accessible.
5) They can stand out from the groomsmen.

In addition you can personalize your suit with custom embroidered signatures of your name and wedding date etc…

People have changed the way they talk about Tuxedo's in the sense you might hear a tuxedo referred to as a tuxedo suit or formal suit instead of the conventional description of tuxedo or formal wear.

Wikipedia has a hard time differentiating their definition of suits and tuxedos using almost the same verbiage for both. So it seems natural to also have people combine the meanings as well.

Customize your suit to match your bridal party, prom date, or event theme!  We have suits available in a variety of colors, add a contrasting or matching vest/tie for an extra pop!

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