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Beauty is in the Details

Wedding planning consists of so many small details: color scheme, center pieces, catering, flowers, and more. As the groom, you’ll need to make sure that you and your guys have all your finishing touches. From socks to cuff links and groomsmen gifts to pets, we’ve got your details covered. Here are some helpful hints from our best in the business wedding experts:

1. Socks

Have your groomsmen wear matching colored socks for an extra pop of color. We offer a wide range of patterns and colors for each of the guys in your party!

2. Watches

A tailored tuxedo will have you looking so good, a watch isn’t always necessary. Besides, with a good best man, the groom needn’t worry about the time. But we understand that watches are sometimes an important accessory. Make sure this piece is understated and elegant, not the same sporty watch you wear to the ball game.

3. Belts

Don’t wear a belt if you’re wearing a tuxedo. Nice, new looking belts can be worn with a suit if the pants come with loops: a black belt with black and navy suits and a brown belt with tan and grey suits. Wearing suspenders under your vest is appropriate whether you’re wearing a suit or tuxedo!

4. Cufflinks

Cuff links are perfect for the groom who’s wearing neutral colors to highlight his bride. Take this opportunity to show off your personality. Include your family, rock your favorite sports team or transform into your favorite superhero. The possibilities are endless!

5. Boutonnière

Don’t forget about the groom and groomsmen when ordering flowers for the big day. The boutonniere’s should coordinate with the bride’s bouquet, bridesmaids dresses, and the rest of the color palette chosen for the wedding.  

6. Pocket Square

One popular option is to wear a white or ivory pocket square that matches the rest of your ensemble and coordinates with your bride. The groomsmen should then have pocket squares that match their ties and the bridesmaids. All that said, this is a personal preference and should be up to the two of you to decide!

7. Groomsmen Gifts

It is proper etiquette to give the groomsmen a gift, as a personal thank you for being a part of your special day. When picking out your groomsmen gift, you should strive to be original. P.S. Don’t worry – Nowhere in the wedding rule book does it say that you have to give each of them a matching gift! 

8. Pets

For most couples, their pets are part of the family and are treated like children. Therefore, it is common to include them in the ceremony and wedding photos. Have you seen the puppies that have replaced wedding bouquets? Yeah, we’re huge fans… 

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