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Formalwear For Weddings, Proms & Quinceañera’s

In today’s world of technological advancements and the need for bigger, better & faster you would think that everything had to follow that credo. This may be true concerning many things but not true with formal wear.

Getting dressed up for a special event is still remarkably very similar to how it was twenty years ago, whereas mobile phones have dramatically morphed into tiny computers. Men’s formal wear and or tuxedo rentals still require the same elements they did long ago. You still need to be fitted for your tux and you still need to pick it up and return it after using it.

The color of a tuxedo is still dominated by black as the color of choice. Although in recent years different color tux’s have emerged but represent the minority in tuxedo colors. Vests and ties have always been options people tend to color coordinate themselves with and many times the ties and vests are coordinated with what the brides maids are wearing. This has become very popular of late and can still be experienced in almost any formal wear store out there.

Different types of formalwear are used for Wedding Tuxedos, Prom’s, Bar Mitzvha’s, Communion’s, A Ball, Corporate Events and so much more. Quinceañera’s are also very popular amongst Latin American’s where on a young ladies 15th birthday she is transitioned into womanhood. “Quinceañera” literally means “Fifteen Year Old Female” and the celebration that comes with this day often emulates a wedding / prom like atmosphere. Formalwear and gowns are popular during these events where they usually have in a venue. Formalwear for the events mentioned above have also shifted somewhat to tuxedos that look like suits.

Often times you won’t be able to distinguish between a tux or a suit. Yes with all the changes we see in our everyday electronic products we can still count on simple formal wear that has not changed very much over the past two decades. The basic elements involving styles, proper fitting and color coordination mostly have remained unchanged.

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