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Bearded Man

Mountain Man to Dapper Dan


Before you walk down the aisle, you’ll make sure you look your absolute best. Before he receives you at the altar, he should do the same. Here are some helpful hints from some of our best in the business grooming experts:

1. Get a Hair Cut

Don’t be afraid to spend a little extra money and go to a real barber shop. Get cleaned up the right way! Hair cuts should be approximately a week or so before the big day. This way you’ll look clean, but not like you came straight from the chair.

2. Product

Put a bit of pomade in your hair, give yourself a nice part, and comb it. Pomade is useful because it will hold the hair in place and give it a nice shine, without making
you feel like you're wearing a helmet
on your head.

3. Nail Care

If you have an occupation or a hobby that gets your nails dirty, you might consider getting a manicure. Your wedding photographer will most likely get a shot or two of you and your bride's hands, so you want to make sure that your nails look presentable. It's the little things that count!

4. Smile

Is your smile wedding ready? Consider teeth whitening if you want a picture-perfect smile for the big day. Whitening toothpaste and mouthwash are great and inexpensive ways to get that glowing smile.

5. Facial Hair

Facial hair is in right now. But we encourage you to remember: you’re going to be immortalized in photographs – lots and lots of photographs. Make sure your beard is ready to stand the test of time!

If you're usually clean shaven, there is no reason to grow out a long, grizzly beard. However if that's your typical look, make sure you trim it nicely. It should have clean lines and a clear shape.

In the end, facial hair is a matter of taste. It's your wedding day and that means your opinion is all that matters. We're sure that your bride will love you, whether you're more mountain man or Dapper Dan!

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