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groom in a suit outdoors

Suits – Great Choice!

Nowadays suits are becoming a more popular choice for weddings. They give the groom a great opportunity to make his style unique!

Here are some great advantages on choosing a suit:

1) They can be purchased as well as rented.
2) They can use them for another day, if purchased
3) They can be more accessible.
4) They can stand out from the groomsmen.

What's different about a suit?

1) The lapel is typically the same fabric as the jacket and pants. Unlike the satin lapel used on tuxedos.
2) They are less formal, but can still make a huge statement at your wedding.
3) You have more acceptable dress shoe options such as grey or brown! (try brown with the Navy Collin)
4) You have the ability to mix it up with your accessories!  Try a fun color or pattern instead of the traditional black tie and vest.

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