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Prom Survey 2019

Winners will be chosen on Monday, June 17th

    Fill out the survey below for a chance to WIN 1 of 3 $200 Visa Gift Cards!

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    *Did you attend or are you planning on attending prom this year?

    If you selected "No", why not?

    Please jump to contact information if you selected "No". Do not fill out the rest of this survey. Thank you.

    *What did or are you planning to wear to prom this year?

    *How did you get your prom attire? (Please select only one)
    Rented from a storeRented onlinePurchased from a storePurchased online

    *Did you feel your prom attire was reasonably priced?

    *How much was your prom ticket?

    *What influenced your prom attire choice? (please check all that apply)
    Internet SearchSocial MediaTV or Streaming MediaPeersOther (please describe below)

    Please fill out your contact information to be entered to WIN 1 out of 3 $200 Visa Gift Cards: