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Intimate Spring Wedding

in July 26, 2019


Samantha Kerpovitch & Logan Shook

On May 19th, 2019 Sam & Logan became Mr. & Mrs. Shook, surrounded by close friends and family at the historic Hayfield House on Penn State’s Wilkes-Barre campus. 


How did this beautiful couple meet? How did he propose?

“We actually first met when we were really young. His mom was my kindergarten teacher and he was a few grades above me. I didn’t formally get to know him until a lot later in life, though. 2010 to be exact. Not knowing who I was, he had messaged me on Myspace because he was looking for local artists to help him with a project. Little did he know, I remembered him from elementary school and had my kindergarten picture with his mom posted in one of my albums. Not too long after, we met up at Warped Tour for the first time. A few weeks later on July 21st, 2010, we started dating. Seven years later, he popped the question one late night after seeing one of our favorite bands, Enter Shikari, in Philly. We had just gotten home and were spending some time with our rabbit (RIP Taco) when he pulled the ring out. And I guess the rest is history.”

How did you plan your big day? Did you have a theme or style that inspired you?


“We wanted to have a super-low key gathering with our closest friends and family. I think our day turned out absolutely perfect because of it.  We didn’t really have a theme or anything (we were kind of just winging everything), but I’m personally a huge fan of anything nautical and I tried to sneak that in where I could. Our bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen ties, cake, and invites were all navy. We even had some pops of navy in our florals.”

How did you decide to decorate for the ceremony and reception? Any fun DIY?

“We had a lot of speed bumps leading up to the wedding, so we ended up keeping decorating to a minimum.  The ceremony venue we went with ended up being perfect on its own, though. We let that beauty of that speak for itself. It was the perfect backdrop for our big day. I did lightly decorate a small guest table and I designed our invites myself, so I still got to have some fun DIY fun along the way.”

Let’s talk florals! Did you use personal favorites and/or themes?

I am still emotional over how perfect our florals were. I wanted the overall look of our florals to be more on the wild and rustic side, rather than more refined and traditional. They were STUNNING.  The bridesmaid bouquets were made up of various greens (eucalyptus, lamb’s ear, etc), baby’s breath, and blue thistle.  The groomsmen had some greens and baby’s breath in their boutonnieres.  My bouquet and Logan’s boutonniere were made up of the same elements as our bridal party, but with lavender and anemones added.

This is our favorite question! How did you and Logan choose your wedding day looks?

Logan really let me take the wheel with almost everything on this front. I did a lot of research on Pinterest and the internet for looks that I liked before we went anywhere. For the girls, I liked the idea of having them each in a dress with a unique cut/style. They each picked their own navy colored dresses on Azazie and the different styles worked perfectly together. For the guys, I was really drawn to the look of the grey/dark grey tuxes that I was seeing online. We went with a light grey tux and a navy colored tie for them, which all worked perfectly with the bridesmaid dresses. To set Logan apart from the groomsmen, he picked a navy floral tie and had a dark grey tux. When it came time for me to start dress shopping, I found “the one” almost immediately. I think it was the third or fourth dress I had tried on (I can’t remember the brand off the top of my head). The top had a really pretty vintage look. It was made up a very pretty lace-like material on the front and the whole back was mesh with a beautiful row of buttons going all the way down. The quarter length sleeves had a mix of lace and mesh, which let my tattoos show through in a really cool way. And then the bottom of the dress had a layered ball gown sort of look. I’ve never felt prettier in my life!


Now that the big day and planning is behind you, do you have any advice for other couples?

The way our wedding day went was completely different than what we had originally set out for. Honestly, I’m so grateful for that. We had planned to go all out. We had 150+ guests in mind, a DJ with a photobooth booked, a higher priced venue ready to go with a cocktail hour and dinner, etc. Despite me being the most awkward human being on the planet and our financial situation not being the best, I kept pushing for these things. There came a time where we looked at each other and were like “this is too much stress and too much money for OUR day.” We completely scrapped everything and opted for a tinier and much more personal event. It was the best decision we had made during our whole engagement. So I guess what I’m getting at is that it’s YOUR day. Do it the way you want to. I made myself sick worrying about having this super extravagant event that was probably going to be too overwhelming for the both of us. Instead, we ended up having the best day of our lives with a small group of people that mattered the most to us.


Vendor Love:

Ceremony Location: Hayfield House

Cake Designer: Electric City Bakehouse

Photographer: KNOT JUST ANY DAY

Caterer: Fire and Ice on Toby Creek

Floral Designer: A&M Floral Express

Hair Stylist: Halogen Hair Co.

Ring Designer: Kay Jewelers

Tuxedo and Mens Attire: Tuxedo By Sarno

Bridesmaid Dresses: Azazie

Dress Store: Tunis Bridal

Quote below is written by KNOT JUST ANY DAY:
Sweet, sweet Sam and Logan. We love them dearly. Their wedding day was every little of bit of who they are and absolutely perfect. They had a small ceremony at the historic Hayfield House on Penn State’s Wilkes-Barre campus filled with close family, friends, high fives, and the best facial expressions! After the ceremony we explored the campus during the wedding party photos. However, one of the groomsmen decided to take a break, so Sam and Logan recruited one of their friends to be a ‘stand-in’ groomsman… a pinch hitter groomsman who happened to be in a Hawaiian shirt, if you will. If you should ever find yourself missing a groomsman at your wedding, we highly recommend Sam and Logan’s tropical friend; his stand in skills are impeccable. The couple held their post ceremony celebration at Fire & Ice on Toby Creek. The food was incredibly delicious, and their cake by the very talented Electric City Bakehouse was stunning and scrumptious! Sam and Logan both agreed that for their wedding day they “literally wanted to get married and then get dinner, and [they] did just that.”