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The professional service I experienced was perfect.

September 14, 2021

The timing and response to all aspects of the rental was also.
After picking up the Tuxedo and the day before the wedding my wife looked it over and the tie was missing. I called and the manager was given an apology and instructed to stop by at my convenience and pick it up. I did as I left for the location.
When putting on the cuff links, the top of the cuff link wiggled and broke off, so now I was left with buttoning the cuff. Which was not what I wanted. I like the cuff link look and was not able to have it. A bit disappointment but once I was looking in the mirror at how sharp I looked for my little girls wedding, and the clean cut and fit of my tuxedo, I was elated with the fine look of Tuxedo by Sarno. Thank you team for giving me a look that was covered in compliments by many.
Remember communication is the currency of a successful business, let your warehouse folks check and double check for perfection and the devil is in the detail, it was a tiny error, but the magic in the presentation was a success.

Thank you I will be glad to tell many of your fine service.

P.S. As the Veteran service officer for the town of Wakefield, I was wondering if you offer a 10% discount for Veterans? Many businesses have and the reaction in the community has been tremendous. Even for non veterans whose families may have Veterans (and most do) they swarm to the business in appreciation of service to our country and your consideration in this area.

I tried to upload an image, but it would not let me, so I will send it by email to your web site.