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I will highly recommend Black Tie Tuxedo to everyone I know.

March 3, 2021

Well let me start by saying, Mark was so professional & personable AND patient. My son is a HS Senior, and I did not share with Mark that my son is also high functioning autistic, mostly because as my son is becoming an adult, I feel he needs to learn to cope with the world on a day to day basis, if I continue to tell people in advance about his disability, everyone would continue to treat him with “kid gloves” and that is simply not the way of the world. But I will say, Mark has a knack for reading body language & can make a young man who’s not used to being out on new situations (& even dislikes being touched) feel very comfortable! My heart was beyond happy! The class of 2021 has lost their entire senior year, and any little fun events they do get mean so very much! And seeing my son willingly try on a tuxedo & agree to try something different, is priceless to this mom!!  And God willing, when our lives go back to normal & we can celebrate, your Damn straight I’m making sure my son rents a tux from Mark!!