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easiest and most convenient fitting I have ever had.

March 27, 2018

I’ve been in more wedding parties and have been fitted for more tuxedos than I care to remember. This was by far the easiest and most convenient fitting I have ever had. Raphael was professional and courteous and he was able to size me up by just looking at me (don’t worry, he took exact measurements after guessing my size). My body type is hard to size for. I have a 52” chest, but with a slimmer waist. Most other tuxedo rental places would just put me in a “big and tall” type suit jacket to fit my chest properly but it made the rest of my body look like a little kid borrowing his dad’s blazer. He said he is able to put me in a larger sized coat, but a slimmer fit, regular length, so it wouldn’t look like I was a 4 year old playing dress up with his fathers clothes. He also agreed that the sleeve length of the jacket should show a little bit of dress shirt at the wrist, where most places don’t care and the suit jacket almost covers my entire hand. Which, to me, just looks awful.

Highly recommend